Industrial Vacuum Systems

What is an AiRTX Vacuum?


AiRTX compressed air operated industrial vacuum systems are superior to conventional shop vacuum systems in many ways. No electricity is required for these light-weight, low cost vacuum systems. With models able to handle both dry material and liquid transfer, as well as hazardous spill pick up, AiRTX vacuum systems are well suited to a variety of industrial vacuum needs.

AiRTX motor-less industrial vacuum systems have been designed and engineered for reliable performance and durability. Components are made from the best quality materials, such as stainless steel. AiRTX will help you find and implement the industrial vacuum systems to meet your needs.

  • Drum Devil Systems Drum Devil Systems are the liquid transfer and liquid spill pick up systems, also available with smart two-way liquid transfer.

  • SmartVac The SmartVac electricity-free wet and dry vacuum generates up to 50% more vacuum, but is 50% quieter than electric vacuums.

  • SpeedVac The SpeedVac non-electric work station cleaner functions as vacuum and blow gun in one efficient unit.

  • ConveyVac ConveyVac is the vacuum system for in-line dry material conveying in heavy duty industrial applications.

  • HopperVac The HopperVac hopper vacuum system operates for a fraction of the costs of motor driven hopper loaders.