Static Control Components

Beyond being a general nuisance, static electricity creates serious problems in industrial manufacturing environments. Static in industrial settings can develop on a number of natural and synthetic materials. Not only can electronic systems be damaged by static electricity, shocks can actually result in explosions or fires. That is why static control is essential in industrial applications.

AiRTX understands the science behind static electricity and its causes. We've developed a host of static control components that will help you eliminate static problems. AiRTX will help you find and implement the right static control solution to meet your needs.

  • Static Bars The Static Bar's unique design is inductively coupled for shock-proof operation and powerful static neutralization.

  • Ionizing Air Knives Ionizing Air Knives can carry positive and negative ions as far as 20 feet from the bar to provide neutralization within 2 seconds before reentering the atmosphere.

  • Ionizing Air Guns The Ionizing Air Gun used with one of our ionizing nozzles is ideal for spot area static removal.

  • Single Point Ionizing Nozzle Ionizing Nozzles deliver a targeted static-neutralizing stream at long ranges, for hard to reach areas.

  • Power Supply The AiRTX Power Supply is the hardest-working part of our static control components delivering a dependable source for powering all of your ionizing equipment.